Projects are involved in the field of Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design, and Exhibition Stand Design.

interior & Exhibition design

I customise a design to adapt your needs and characters, and enhance the opulence, elegance, and comfort of the space.

It is a time to transform your home, commercial, or exhibition space.


Leverage green space for improving people’s wellbeing and enhancing natural environment; at the heart of Circular Design, Symbiotic Relationship, Sustainable Education.


Over the past years, I have established a few start up business as well as helping other entrepreneurs for starting a business. I, therefore, understand the necessity of building a consistent brand strategy from the very beginning.


Even though the business ideas have been running for a while, it is never too late for the optimisation, I can help you with that by choosing the look of your brand image, creating a logo design, and other relevant design and service. is designed and built by myself.


“If I am not working, I am traveling; my great curiosity leads me to explore the world outside for keeping an open mind.”

A large collection of my works in the past decade, is now ready to be shared widely with the world in the forms of art print or digital download.


Portfolio includes my selective artworks in the form of Architectural Drawing, Fantasy Drawing, Fantasy Painting (both oil and acrylic), Portrait, Graffiti, and Exhibition & Event.

A large collection of my works in the past two decades, is now ready to be shared widely with the world in the forms of original piece and art print.

I am also taking commission for  architecture or cityscape drawings are for your personal memory of places where you were born, lived, or visited on a holiday or vacation; personalised portrait is another form to keep your memory of the people and house pets you love.



To experiment functionalism in a small scale.

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